Collecting CURIOS

I collect curios. I use the word "curio" as a generic term for describing anything that is odd, strange, unusual, interesting, novel or bizarre. Such items may of course fall into other collecting areas and be functional and novel at the same time e.g. a novelty vesta case in the form of a snake, or a snuff box whose means of entry is a puzzle. Or curios might not fall into any area at all having no purpose or function  whatsoever and being completely useless (but nonetheless curious of course). 


There are no rules for collecting curios.  Just look out for things that are not ordinary or plainly functional; objects that are odd, weird, strange, curious, ridiculously small or oversized.  What's more to say? 

If like me you like objects that arouse curiosity you may be interested in some of the items I have in stock at Green Parrot Antiques & Collectables. Please visit my Photo Gallery for examples of current or recent "curious" stock.